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Women's 10k Standard Scenarios: Work To Do For Hasay, Erdmann

The standards process for qualifying to the World Championships is already confusing enough in theory until it actually happens in real life.

In Thursday night’s women’s 10,000 meters, Jordan Hasay and Tara Erdmann finished second and third, respectively, behind race winner Shalane Flanagan. The catch is that neither have the ‘A’ or ‘B’ standard, making them currently ineligible to run at Worlds. The silver lining for the two Alberto Salazar-coached athletes is they have until July 20 to chase standards. Just after the race, Salazar said time trials would be set up in hopes of giving them opportunities to run a fast time.

The ‘A’ standard time is 31:45.00 and the ‘B’ standard time is 32:05.00.

Currently, Shalane Flanagan and fourth place finisher Amy Hastings, who both have ‘A’ standards, are the only two Americans headed to Moscow. Now, for all the scenarios:

  • If neither Hasay or Erdmann get the ‘B’ standard, nothing changes and Flanagan and Hastings will lead the two woman contingent to Moscow. Rules dictate that only the top four finishers are eligible to be selected, but it’s possible (and likely) that USATF can reach down to choose fifth place finisher and ‘B’ standard holder Kara Goucher for the World team.
  • If Hasay but not Erdmann gets the ‘B’ standard, Hasay is on the team.
  • If Erdmann but not Hasay gets the ‘B’ standard, Erdmann is on the team.
  • If Hasay and Erdmann both get the ‘B’, only Hasay is on the team.
  • If Hasay gets the ‘A’ and Erdmann gets the ‘A’, both go and Hastings is knocked out.
  • If Hasay gets the ‘A’ and Erdmann gets the ‘B’, both go and Hastings is knocked out.
  • If Erdmann gets the ‘A’ and Hasay gets the ‘B’, both go and Hastings is knocked out.

I think I covered all the bases. If you see an omission, shoot me an email at [email protected]


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