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It's Back For 2012 - Prefontaine Classic Live Chat

The Pre Classic live chat is live!

We will have a group of media members to discuss the day’s events at America’s premier track and field invitational. The panel includes Kevin Sully of the House of Run podcast, Jim McDannald from TrackFocus.com, Pat Price of Writing About Running, David Pickett of MileSplitU and Swiss hammer throw champion Martin Bingisser. We’re looking to secure one more guest.

We will get started at 11:45 am Pacific Time, 15 minutes before the TV broadcast begins on NBC at to preview the meet. Find a full schedule of events here.

Guest input is appreciated as well so tune in and give your thoughts!

Tune in below!

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  • derekfamhardee

    @SpikedUpPsyched @HouseofRun @TrackFocus @trackgeek247 cool you guys

  • anngaff

    @SpikedUpPsyched @HouseofRun @TrackFocus @WritingAboutRun @trackgeek247 have fun y’all, might be able to jump on halfway through

  • ryanflotrack

    @SpikedUpPsyched just got back from a 28 mile bike ride in 90+ degree heat #smart choices Need to eat!!

    • SpikedUpPsyched

      @ryanflotrack Not watching meet in favor of personal health?!? How dare you!!

      • ryanflotrack

        @SpikedUpPsyched watching on tv just not at the computer :)

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