Jun 23, 2011; Eugene, OR, USA; Lopez Lomong and Bernard Lagat lead a 1,500m heat in the 2011 USA Championships at Hayward Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Eugene 2012 Power Rankings #4 – Prefontaine Classic Edition

It’s getting to be crunch time for the top U.S. middle and long distance runners as the Olympic Trials are set to begin in just over four weeks. With just the two domestic Diamond League competitions left for many top runners, athletes are left with only a few opportunities left to prove themselves to pundits like myself.

A few races at this weekend’s Prefontaine Classic should give fans a better idea of how things will shake out when athletes return to Eugene in late June.

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Men’s 800 meters

1. Nick Symmonds
2. Khadevis Robinson
3. Charles Jock
4. Duane Solomon
5. Robby Andrews
Darkhorse: Tyler Mulder
Others: Ryan Martin, Cas Loxsom, Elijah Greer, Mike Rutt
Notes: Symmonds and Robinson seem to be strong bets to make the team; everything past them is a complete crapshoot; Mulder ran fastest time at Oxy in 1:45.68 with Solomon running closely behind; Symmonds and Mulder running in fast Pre 800; Andrews facing Rudisha in NYC

Women’s 800 meters

1. Alysia Montano
2. Maggie Vessey
3. Molly Beckwith
4. Geena Gall
5. Alice Schmidt
Darkhorse: Erica Moore
Others: Nachelle Mackie, Phoebe Wright, Kate Grace, Latavia Thomas
Notes: World 4th placer Montano making season debut at Pre; Moore struggled in outdoor opener at Oxy, finishing eighth in 2:03.55; Beckwith still undefeated outside her Diamond League appearance in Doha; Gall won section one at Oxy in an impressive 2:00.44.

Men’s 1500 meters

1. Leo Manzano
2. Matt Centrowitz
3. David Torrence
4. Russell Brown
5. Andrew Wheating
Darkhorse: Robby Andrews
Others: Kyle Merber, Jordan McNamara, Dorian Ulrey, Jeff See, A.J. Acosta
Notes: When U.S. 10k champ is the fastest American at Oxy, you know things are wide open; Centrowitz gets bumped from #1 to #2 due to revelations of injury this spring.

Women’s 1500 meters

1. Morgan Uceny
2. Jenny Simpson
3. Shannon Rowbury
4. Anna Pierce
5. Brenda Martinez
Darkhorse: Gabe Anderson
Others: Christin Wurth-Thomas, Treniere Moser, Katie Mackey, Katie Flood, Jordan Hasay
Notes: No changes yet in the top 5; Uceny is skipping domestic Diamond League meets in favor of 1500 races in Rome and Oslo; national section of 1500 meters at Pre could be indicator of how things will shape out in Eugene.

Men’s 3000 meter steeplechase

1. Evan Jager
2. Donn Cabral
3. Billy Nelson
4. Dan Huling
5. Kyle Alcorn
Darkhorse: Ben Bruce
Others: Brian Olinger,David Adams
Notes: Despite fall at Oxy, Jager moves to #1 spot; the darkhorse designation strikes again as Cabral dropped 8:18 bomb at Oxy, will the NCAA wear him down?; Nelson struggled at Oxy but is competing Thursday in Rome.

Women’s 3000 meter steeplechase

1. Bridget Franek
2. Emma Coburn
3. Delilah DeCrescenzo
4. Shalaya Kipp
5. Ashley Higginson
Darkhorse: Stephanie Garcia
Other: Sara Hall, Lisa Aguilera, Lennie Waite, Mason Cathay
Notes: Franek has proven to be best U.S. steepler; Coburn has raced sparingly this spring as she’s redshirting at CU but will be in Pre steeple along with Franek and Hall.

Men’s 5000 meters

1. Bernard Lagat
2. Lopez Lomong
3. Galen Rupp
4. Matt Tegenkamp
5. David Torrence
Darkhorse: Dathan Ritzenhein
Others: Chris Derrick, Ben True, Brandon Bethke
Notes: Not many changes here; Ritz puts himself in the mix after running ‘A’ standard at Oxy; Rupp and Tegenkamp set to run Pre 5k.

Women’s 5000 meters

1. Molly Huddle
2. Julia Lucas
3. Jackie Areson
4. Lisa Uhl
5. Amy Hastings
Darkhorse: Julie Culley
Others: Jessica Tebo, Abbey D’Agostino, Angela Bizzarri, Liz Maloy
Notes: Areson kicked to victory again in the Oxy 5k; a plethora of women in contention for the 5k team will be in the Pre 3k: Hastings, Huddle, Areson, Maloy, Felnagle, Bizzarri; the race should be good indication of who’s ready to contend come Trials time.

Men’s 10,000 meters

1. Galen Rupp
2. Matt Tegenkamp
3. Chris Derrick
4. Dathan Ritzenhein
5. Brent Vaughn
Darkhorse: Bobby Curtis
Others: Ben True, Tim Nelson, Ryan Vail, Aaron Braun, Brian Olinger
Notes: To my count, seven men have the ‘A’ standard; Ritz failed to get it in Hengelo; his best shot at the Trials is to trade off lead with teammate Rupp to ensure fast enough pace.

Women’s 10,000 meters

1. Amy Hastings
2. Lisa Uhl
3. Janet Cherobon-Bawcom
4. Molly Huddle
5. Jen Rhines
Darkhorse: Deena Kastor
Others: Kim Conley, Deborah Maier
Notes: Cherobon-Bawcom and Kastor went 2-3 at Bolder Boulder t0 lead U.S. team to second place finish.

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