The Jersey Dilemma: Nike's USA Design Leaves Much To Be Desired

Recently we were treated to the unveiling of the U.S. Olympic basketball team’s uniforms. The design left much to be desired.

As Nike is once again producing all team USA gear, the track and field team will be suited by the same makers. The track squad team should beware of a uniform that instead of reading USA on its chest has what to appears to be an askew ‘V’ rather than ‘U’ and what can only be thought of as a smudged ‘R’ instead of an ‘A’ as was plastered on the basketball jersey.

Hopefully the design team that pushes out a unique Oregon Ducks uniform during every week of the college football season can manage to create something that looks worthy of representing the finest Olympic team in the world rather than the indecipherable characters made for the basketball team.

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