Race Officials Ban Fleshman's Temporary Sponsor Tattoos

The establishment that has held our sport back continues to cripple opportunities for athletes to make a living.

This time, race officials at the New York City Marathon forced Lauren Fleshman of the Oregon Track Club Elite to remove temporary tattoos of her small business Picky Bars which produces gluten and dairy free energy bars.

“I misunderstood the rules of the marathon,” Fleshman told Ryan Fenton of Flotrack after the race. “It’s my fault because I had the rule book, but it is kind of stupid. I can’t even promote my own company.”

The incident plays directly into the discussion that has gone on in recent months about USATF and IAAF uniform regulations that restrict athletes from putting multiple sponsor logos on competition gear. If an athlete can’t even promote their own business that helps bring in additional revenue for themselves, what is the incentive to stay in a sport that forces them to live in poverty?

The Track and Field Athletes Association started a social media campaign to protest the event. Find out more about it here.

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