It's not football, but what if Colorado and Stanford went head to head?

What If? Hypothetical Colorado-Stanford Dual Meet Scoring

Saturday’s epic men’s team race at the Pac-12 Cross Country Championships saw Colorado narrowly edge out Stanford, 46 points for the Buffaloes to the Cardinal’s 53 points.

But what if the race was tallied in dual meet scoring like good ole’ high school days?

Amazingly, the score comes out to a dead tie. Check out the results below:

Stanford   Colorado
Derrick 1 R. Medina 2
Riley 3 Wacker 4
Gregg 6 Bosshard 5
Olson 7 Thompson 8
Rosa 11 Moussa 9
M. Medina 10

Colorado’s sixth man Martin Medina finished ahead of and displaces Stanford’s fifth Joe Rosa. Stanford was ahead through four runners but has struggled with identifying a reliable fifth man all year long and paid for it on Saturday.

Of course this exercise is purely hypothetical but it’s always fun to think about the what if scenarios. It’ll be exciting to see how things play out between the two teams when they face off again at nationals in three weeks.

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