USA XC men’s race predictions

Like for the women’s race, here are our picks for the men at the USA Cross Country Championships.  I hear the Vegas sports books are opening up lines on these races in the coming days.

  1. Jorge Torres: Hard not to pick a former NCAA cross country champion.  Torres ran the U.S. Half Marathon champs last weekend but used it as a tempo run to preview the course.
  2. Scott Bauhs: California bias aside, we know he’s in great shape right now, plus he has proven to be a great cross country runner.
  3. Ben Bruce: 4th last year and won the Bay Area Cross Challenge against a strong field.  Plus, racing in hometown will provide an extra boost.
  4. Matt Tegenkamp: Letsrun’ers say he doesn’t run the 10k, but he can do the 12k cross country this weekend.
  5. Bobby Curtis: Trains under Aussie coach Nic Bideau, so we don’t get to see him race domestically too much.
  6. Ryan Vail: A tough, gritty cross country runner.  Always finds a way to get it done at USA Cross.
  7. Abdi Abdirahman: Since he hasn’t raced in so long, it’s hard to know what kind of shape the Black Cactus is in.

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