Bolt shown here after winning in Paris. He is now done with his 2010 campaign. Source:

Bolt to end 2010 season

Usain Bolt announced today through his management group that he will end his season, canceling his commitments to the Zurich and Brussels Diamond League events.  Bolt was evaluated by a doctor in Munich, Germany yesterday, when lower back tightness was found that “restricts his ability to generate power in his stride and continuing to race in this condition could risk injury to his hamstrings or calf muscles.”  Read the full release here.

The revelation of this back injury explains his lackluster race in Stockholm that resulted in his first loss in two years.  The lower back has a tremendous impact on the start and drive phases of the 100m, portions of the race that Bolt especially struggled with.  Despite this, I wonder how much of this decision is based on not wanting to lose again.  He was scheduled to run for team Jamaica in an exhibition 4×100 race in Zurich against a field that includes a United States team led by Tyson Gay.  If the two were to match up again on the anchor leg, another loss on Bolt’s part would be even more embarrassing.

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  • cameron

    There may be legitimacy to the whole back thing, but I can’t help but feel like the timing is just too perfect for it not to be predominantly not wanting to lose. Aside from the fact that he obviously makes mad cash from the fanbase that sees him as a god (how many Gay shirts have you ever seen?), the mindset that you’re the best in the world and unbeatable and yadda yadda is obviously something that works for him. Getting beat down by Gay all through 2010 wouldn’t exactly be a confidence booster going into championship years.

    • Kevin Liao

      I’m in the same boat as you. It may partly be because of the lower back tightness (can’t he get a nice massage for that??), but he definitely doesn’t want to give Tyson Gay any more confidence than he already gained from the Stockholm race.